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Final Year Computer Engineering Question Papers [MU]

Digital Signal & Image Processing (CBCGS)
Digital Signal & Image Processing MCQ’s Dec 2019
Mobile Communication & Computing (CBCGS)
Mobile Communication & Computing MCQ’s Dec 2019
Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing (CBCGS)
Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing MCQ’s Dec 2019

Department Level Optional Course-III (DLOC-III) Subjects:

Big Data & Analytics (CBCGS)
Big Data & Analytics MCQ’s Dec 2019

Institute Level Optional Course (ILO)

Management Information System(CBCGS)
Dec 2019
Human Machine Interaction (CBCGS)
Human Machine Interaction MCQ’s
Distributed Computing (CBCGS)
Distributed Computing MCQ’s

                                    Department Level Optional Course-IV (DLOC-IV) Subjects:

High Performace Computing (CBCGS)
High Performace Computing MCQ’s
Adhoc Wireless Network MCQ’s
Natural Language Processing (CBSGS)
Natural Language Processing MCQ’s

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