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EXTC Third Year Question Papers [MU]

Digital Communication (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 MAY 2019 Dec 2018
Discrete Time Signal Processing (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2019 Dec 2018
Microprocessor & Peripherals Interfacing (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2019 Dec 2018
Electromagnetic Engineering (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2019 Dec 2018

                    Department Level Optional Course-II (DLOC-II) Subjects:

Data Compression and Encryption (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 Dec 2018
Antenna & Radio Wave Propagation (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2018
Computer Communication Networks (CBCGS)
DEC 2019 May 2019
Image Processing and Machine Vision Lab (CBCGS)
May 2019
Microcontroller & Applications (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2019

                  Department Level Optional Course-I (DLOC-I) Subjects:

Database Management System (CBCGS)
Dec 2019 May 2019

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