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How to attempt M3 Exam(MCQs + Descriptive)

How to attempt M3 Exam

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How to attempt M3 Exam(MCQs + Descriptive)

                   By Last Moment Tuitions

So as declared by Mumbai University, the examinations this year will be in online mode and it will be in MCQ and Descriptive Pattern.

40 marks MCQ + 40 marks Descriptive

So the question here arises that how can one focus on this new paper pattern along with the portion of M3??

Do not panic, LMT is there for you!

According to the instructions provided by MU till now, 2 hours will be provided for solving the entire M3 paper. The MCQ pattern will be the same (Google form, which you all must have attempted in your college Unit Tests)

Students will be asked to solve the questions on a paper, step-wise scan and then upload.

  1. Keep Calm and Don’t Panic!

As we talked to many final year students about their experience with MCQ pattern we came to know that it is the easiest and fun way to clear your exams!


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!!

a. Practice like it’s your theory exam

b. Always keep M3 at priority

c. Practice on mock MQCs

LMT has included MCQs for 3 in the course to make it easier and save your time!

  1. Review Questions before solving:

Before starting to solve first go through all the given questions and tick the questions that are easier to solve and consumes less time, this will help you to collect marks which are required to at least clear the paper!

You can also solve the question which you already know while reviewing questions!


  1. Focus on what you know:

While solving questions focus on the questions you already know, don’t waste your time on the questions which requires critical thinking, if you’re not able to solve the question, move on to the next one.

  1. Time management:

This is the most important aspect while attempting the exam, keep a wrist watch with yourself during the exam, this helps you o track your time and speed on each question and you’ll automatically divide the remaining time for remaining questions.

  1. Take LMTs M3 course:

Last moment tuitions has created one of the best course available online. It includes the following things:

  1. Videos
  2. Notes
  3. How to pass strategy
  4. Mock MCQs for practice


  1. Copying should never be an option!!

The very first thing it is illegal to do such activities, If you feel that this being an online exam, it opens multiple options for copying, then stop! Online mode has its cons as well. Time being less, focusing on one’s own exam is the topmost priority here. So instead of performing such activities, make sure you’re prepared well in advance!

Remember, MCQ holds a weightage of 40 marks which is good enough to clear M3, but as MCQ won’t hold any marks for steps, one can lose entire marks over here, hence MCQs can’t be reliable as well. This is where Descriptive questions come into picture.

Well for this, you can refer to our LMT notes just like you did back for M1 and M2 and for many other subjects, and that will be enough! Trust on your preparation and give in your best

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