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How To Start Off as a Content Writer

Content Writer


“Content” a term which is widely used and delivered through so many different ways, one of them being Vlogging, but if you are a logophile (someone who loves words), nothing could be better than Content Writing as a means of expression. The term “Content Writing” holds broader categories, content writing can either mean you’re writing blogs, static website pages, product description, proofreading, email campaigns, freelancing, creative writing, copywriting and more.

Also, it’s pronounced as CON-TENT and not CUN-TENT.


Well to answer this, I would like to mention prior that, even if you don’t possess the following qualities/ likings, that’s fine. There is no hard and fast rule as to who can start pursuing Content Writing or who cannot.

  1. Love creating/sharing
  2. Strong analytic skills
  3. Enthusiastic for writing/reading for long hours
  4. Patient with the work
  5. Keen eye for details
  6. Time management
  7. Adaptabitly
  8. The ability to engage the audience

These are just a few qualities which every budding/ professional content writer MUST posses, but if you’re a beginner to this, don’t worry as such skills can be developed through time as well.

With the advent of digitization and it’s bright emergence, content writing has proved it’s prominence in business, educational, social, cultural and many other disciplines as no matter what, EACH OF THEM HAVE TO DEPEND ON THE POWER OF WORDS for a successful functioning.


Previously and even now, content writers are the ones who generally hold a background in English, Mass

Communications or Journalism. But this does not restrict the fact that you cannot be a content writer without these criteria. All that’s needed is a craze for writing with a dash of hard work.

  1. Choose your domain:

To know what you want to start writing for isn’t a tough call as such. Normally people go for writing on fields that excites and motivates them. Eg: A sports enthusiast would write sports related content, a food enthusiast would fill up pages with content related to food similarly a tech-savvy person would opt for writing technical blogs. Choosing just 1 domain to start with is suggested because your prior knowledge on the topic would certainly help you a lot.

  1. Do your Research:

One cannot expect himself/herself to be a knower of all things, but good research brings you closer to knowing a part of it. Use the internet, make optimum use of it, read from different websites, books, cross-check the facts and stats, try to leave no stones unturned when it comes to researching your topic, as in order to pass down the beacon of knowledge to your readers, you must know better. Research also helps in preventing the spread of wrong information. BEFORE BECOMING A CONTENT WRITER, BE A READER.

  1. An eye-catching title/headline:

It’s always wise to keep it short and to the point. Don’t resort to jargon here, it would just seem unappealing to the readers. Use words through which the readers know what it is about and how it would benefit them. The title must serve the purpose.

  1. Start off with a catchy introduction:

“The first impression is the last impression” works well here. There are a number of ways with which a catchy intro can be nailed. I personally, love to open up with rhetorical questions for the readers or with a related, recent incident/story.

  1. Don’t be a Robot:

This one is important. Many writers idolize certain writers or sources that they follow and start writing in their style. Originality? It’s down the drain here. Also, some start copy-pasting the exact same words from the internet and their content more or less starts sounding like a Wikipedia page. The beauty of content writing is that it allows us to present even the most boring stats in an interesting manner, in our own unique way. Develop your style of writing, refer to others to correct your mistakes, don’t copy but learn.

  1. Make best use of digitization:

Learn about SEO optimization. It helps in boosting your content in terms of reaching out to the audience. Use bullets and numbering wherever necessary, do not forget to highlight the important parts, give credits to any reference if mentioned.

  1. Keep your audience in mind:

Another important point. Keeping the audience in mind only doesn’t refer to the general likes or dislikes that they have but also their age group. Eg: If the content that you’re writing must cater to the young minds of school-going kids, be very easy and gentle with the use of your words, easy to comprehend and to remember as well.

  1. Frame your content wisely:

Keep a flow going. Refrain from jumping from one end to other, it would end up confusing the audience.

  1. Ditch the slangs:

Maintain the purity of the language, do not use slangs, unless you want to mention it with a purpose.

  1. Edit, re-edit:

Check for corrections, spelling errors, missing punctuations. Have an open room for corrections if your clients ask you to edit, patience is needed for the same. These are a few pointers that would help you in getting started with your journey as a content writer. Remember, you have chosen a very prospering and reliable means of communicating to many, with the many jobs originating from content writing, it is no cakewalk to get into this field but with baby steps and sheer determination, yours could be top-notch content someday! Keep creating and writing!

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