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How To Become a UI/UX Designer

How To Become a UI/UX Designer

Abhinav Chhikara

Founder of 10k Designers | Ex – Design Head at Unacademy 


How To Become a UI/UX designer

By Last Moment Tuitions × Abhinav Chhikara

First and foremost, understand that UI/UX designer, Web Developer, and Graphic Designer, these are all 3 different concepts. As a UI/UX designer, one’s core focus should only be on the designing of websites and apps. One may not require programming skills for this domain, but some companies do ask for it. So if you’re interested in learning UI/UX, start off by following these steps:

  • Learn the basic terminologies related to UI/UX
  • Select a tool for designing (Figma is recommended)
  • Start taking apps and websites screenshots for reference and try replicating them
  • Once you’ve learned the tool properly, start creating your own designs based on your creativity, select topics as your case study
  • Make a portfolio (collection of all your case studies)
  • Upload your portfolio on Behance or Medium


Once you’ve gained enough practice in many case studies using Figma, you can start looking out for internships (job/freelancing) via LinkedIn or any other source. Being a UI/UX developer in the current world has great scope as the technical market everywhere and also in India is expanding very fast and people are looking out for UI/UX designers for their work. Competition exists even here, but with a great portfolio, one can start off with their UI/UX career and earn 2-5 LPA in the start and then move on to 5-10 LPA and finally 10-15 LPA and it keeps getting better. There is no need to be nervous during any Design interview because they ask you questions based on your understanding and ideas, not your degree or anything, in fact having a degree in UI/UX isn’t even that essential, you can become an excellent designer even without a degree, just that dedication and lots of practice are very essential.

Remember, your career is in your hand, you’re the driver, you have to learn yourself, you’ll get the guidance, but the initiative is your job.

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