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Bootstrap vs CSS

Bootstrap vs CSS

Diana Fernandes

Computer Engineering Student | Content Writer at LMT

                 All About Bootstrap vs CSS

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Bootstrap CSS
Bootstrap is a front-end framework CSS is a style sheet language
It is a free and open source framework used for designing websites and web applications It is a style sheet language used for designing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like html
Provides a grid system which divides the page in 12 columns and n number of rows. Provides non grid system
Bootstrap contains pre-coded classes that can be used efficiently without making any changes in d css inside style tag. CSS contains no pre-coded classes. If a change needs to be made at a particular part in the html document, the code has to be written from scratch in css.
Comes with more features Comes with fewer features
Responsive websites can be made using classes which works for small, medium and large screens. Code has to be written separately for responsiveness
Bootstrap CDN is provided on the bootstrap website. No CDN is required.

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