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75000 students likely to take GTU’s online exams!


75000 students likely to take GTU’s online exams

Gujarat Technological University has announced that it will hold online exams for undergraduate and postgraduate students this year as well, As many as 75,000 students are expected to take the online exams.“We are planning to conduct the online exams early so that students who want to pursue further studies, including overseas, can do so,” said GTU vice-chancellor Navin Sheth.The external exams or ‘viva summer 2021’ for all courses/semesters shall be conducted by internal faculty members of respective institutes.The university will also hold exams in the offline format later. The offline exams, also in the MCQ format, will be for only those students who are not able to take the pre-check trial test or the online MCQ exams due to technical issues, said Navin Sheth.

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