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Success Stories

It was amazing. The course really helped me out with my semester 🎈 I really look forward to get my course for this last sem

Harshini Sewani

The best tutorial I have watched felt like my very own friend is teaching thankyou for the video and the notes it was really helpful.

Zoya Urooj
bms college of engineering

Thanks bro usually mai aase form fil nhi karta but you are helping me to kar diya … miss used mat kar na data ka …. And English communication pe or video plz.. Adb 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Shubham Shukla

When i was in 4th sem , i loose hope about completing my b.tech and i was really depressed beacuse i cannot understand properly then 4th semester completes and i got 1 supply in computer architecture. In 5th sem i have decided that i m not g9nna give up but after some time i satarted feeling the same that depression thing then suddenly an idea hits me and m started watching your videos that helps me alot in my difficult times you are the reason for completion of my course you made engineering so so so easy . I will always rememeber you . I know my english is not perfect but i tried that’s the thing i have learn from your videos . God bless you . May God fulfill all your dreams . Thanxxxxxx alot

Nitish Kumar
Guru nanak dev University, Amritsar

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Stories shared

Our students are span across the Mumbai in around 86+ colleges

Siddhi Vijay Gaonkar
Lokmanya Tilak College of Emgineering

Your videos are the only thing which help us to motivate for studying, user friendly so that no-one will ever feel any difficulty in understanding

Pournima Awate
K. J. Somaiya

I like the way u explain difficult things so easily. Keep it up.💖

Ayush Sharma

“Your are doing good job, it’s reduce our time for collecting study material.
Thank you bro”

Vimal Kumar

Your trick is best to learn any aptitude topic in very small time period

Zoya Urooj
bms college of engineering

The best tutorial I have watched felt like my very own friend is teaching thankyou for the video and the notes it was really helpful.

Vikas Yadav
Rizvi college of engineering

Bhai sem1 mai arnd 6 pointer ka average aur 1-2 kt ke saat nikla tab socha engineering kabhi nhi ho payega…tab bhai tumhara youtube videos se padhne laga tab se haar sem mai 8 pointer foda hu 💯 . Thank you for everything bhai…bohot emotional hoke likh raha hu♥️

Surya Hardel
St. Mary group of institutions Hyderabad

Your style is unique broo and easy to understand keep it up …god bless you and thank you soo much for helping us 🙏

Suhani Goyal

Had a lot of fun while going through the lectures. You really were the last moment saviour in so many exams.

Harsiddh Dave

You are best yaar! That sums up everything I feel about you teaching. Even though we did not have any books of those subjects, we still passed them with great marks, all thanks to you! Me and my friends always watch your videos on the last minute, just as the name says. You easily teach us the topics in just a couple of minutes which most of the professors can’t even teach us in hours. You are life savior for us engineers! THANK YOU BROTHER!