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Automobile Engineering Syllabus from Effect-2018

Semester – III
Effective Technical Communication (3130004) Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations (3130005) Indian Constitution (3130007) Design Engineering 1 A (3130008) Material Science and Metallurgy (3131904)
Engineering Thermodynamics(3131905) Kinematics and Theory of Machine (3131906)
Semester – IV
Basics of Automobile Systems (3141203) Automotive Manufacturing Processes and Technology (3141204) Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines (3141906) Fundamentals of Machine Design (3141907) Organisational Behaviour (3141909)
Semester – V
Contributor Personality Development Program (3150004) Integrated Personality Development Course (3150005) Transport Management and Laws(3150209) Automobile Engines (3150210) Control Engineering (3151908)
Heat Transfer (3151909) Dynamics of Machinery (3151911) Oil Hydraulics And Pneumatics(3151913)
Semester – VI
Contributor Personality Development Program (3160002) Integrated Personality Development Course(3160003) Alternative Fuels and Power Systems(3160207) Automotive Electricals and Electronics (3160209) Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice (3160210)
Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering (3160211) Two and Three Vehicle Technology (3160212) Special Purpose Vehicle(3160213) Vehicle Testing and Homologation (3160214) Design of Heat exchangers (3161911)
Renewable Energy Engineering (3161914) Computational Fluid Dynamics (3161915) Computer Aided Manufacturing (3161917) Energy Conservation and Management (3161919) Entrepreneurship and E-business (3161924)
Cyber Laws and Ethics (3161925) Industry 4.0 (3161926)

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