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 Final Year IT Engineering Question Papers [AKTU]

Entrepreneurship Development
2019-20 (NOE071) 2018-19 (NOE071)
Quality Management
2019-20 (NOE072) 2018-19 (NOE072)
Software Project Management
2018-19 (NOE077)
Cryptography & Network Security
2019-20 (RIT701) 2019-20 (NIT701) 2018-19 (NIT701)
Artificial Intelligence
2019-20 (NCS702) 2018-19 (RCS702)
Software Testing and Audit
2019-20 (NCS071)
Human Computer Interface
2019-20 (NCS073)
Distributed System
2019-20 (RCS701) 2019-20 (NCS701)

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